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US-2795195-A: High pressure pumping method patent, US-2831908-A: Hydroisomerization process patent, US-2912098-A: Belt conveyor patent, US-2991121-A: Motor vehicle roof construction patent, US-3005916-A: Device for photoelectrically scanning webs patent, US-3026175-A: Method for the preparation of tellurides and selenides patent, US-3090831-A: Satellite monitor patent, US-3114337-A: Car loading structure patent, US-3141651-A: Turbine shroud structure patent, US-3155634-A: Fluoro-organic acid catalyzed condensation of siloxanols patent, US-3170661-A: Parachutes patent, US-3188931-A: Viewfinder structures patent, US-3199639-A: Shoe drum brakes patent, US-3203315-A: Machine for making screws patent, US-3248894-A: Refrigeration apparatus patent, US-3264238-A: Coating compositions comprising latex paint, hydrocarbon and plastic-surfaced particles patent, US-3270403-A: Method of making a spoked wheel patent, US-3332201-A: Apparatus for closing containers patent, US-3373790-A: Pneumatic tire tread patent, US-3387384-A: Paper drying machinery patent, US-3399508-A: Apparatus for forming bottles or similar containers from thermoplastic material, filling them with liquid and subsequently sealing them in one operation patent, US-3400326-A: Device for automatic reactive power regulation in electric networks patent, US-3432580-A: Method and means for producing foamed silicate articles patent, US-3439041-A: Oxidation product separation patent, US-3444710-A: Domestic clothes washer with fluid flow agitation patent, US-3455508-A: Molybdenum flame spray wire and process patent, US-3487729-A: Positive depth control drill patent, US-3514448-A: 17-oxygenated 2-halo-4-(methyl/methylene) - 5alpha - androst - 1 - en-3-ones and precursors patent, US-3523083-A: Stabilization of white oils patent, US-3562491-A: Master controlled copy count method and apparatus patent, US-3595055-A: Continuous rolling-mill train, particularly a rod mill patent, US-2645105-A: Universal joint patent, US-2711800-A: Wheel brake for floating hub wheels patent, US-2825605-A: Means for conveying powdery material in fine distribution, particularly for use in flash die casting patent, US-2890871-A: Anti-icing carburetor patent, US-2969230-A: Vehicle spring device patent, US-2993737-A: Apparatus for propelling articles patent, US-2996451-A: Liquid hydrocarbon compositions patent, US-3042699-A: Organic phosphorus compounds patent, US-3119777-A: Motor fuel and lubricating oil compositions patent, US-3195910-A: Stair-climbing vehicle patent, US-3221251-A: Phase measuring at microwave frequencies with a closed loop servo system using travelling wave tubes patent, US-3282577-A: Fluidized bed for drying carbon black patent, US-3324413-A: Shock-excited resonant circuit sweep voltage generator patent, US-3383879-A: Glass chiller patent, US-3483695-A: Actuator patent, US-3491430-A: Method of using a pre-form strip patent, US-3530981-A: Record mailer patent, US-3546204-A: Phenyl-azo-phenyl dyes compounds patent, US-3547944-A: Colour photography utilizing colour couplers which yield quinone imine or azamethine dye images patent, US-3579781-A: Sleeved roll and method of making the same patent, US-3590505-A: Rotatable display device patent, US-3603290-A: Pet-operated animal toilet patent, US-2442324-A: Process of making carbon tetrachloride and perchlorethylene patent, US-2508030-A: Wiring pattern for electrical apparatus patent, US-2571444-A: Flight conveyer patent, US-2587281-A: Increasing the mechanical stability of formaldehyde-preserved natural rubber latex patent, US-2649281-A: Winch patent, US-2769788-A: Method of making weighted polymer beads patent, US-2935995-A: Reversible valve assembly for pumps patent, US-3040898-A: Settling and screening device for fluid conduits patent, US-3041434-A: Method of and apparatus for inductively heating metal patent, US-3187273-A: Zero axis crossing pulse modulator patent, US-3215099-A: Chemical and heat recovery apparatus patent, US-3215893-A: Cold cathode gaseous rectifier tube patent, US-3343158-A: Electronic control for fault detection and stop-motion system patent, US-3348070-A: Time delay computer element for indicating input conditions patent, US-3384042-A: Sewing machine patent, US-3412682-A: Liquid fuel pumps patent, US-3459717-A: Sulphur-based plastic composition patent, US-3557667-A: Automatic device associated with a to-size cutter for collecting abrasive or other kind of sheets patent, US-2444591-A: Easy opening metal container patent, US-2496623-A: Two-stroke cycle internal-combustion engine patent, US-2645437-A: Aircraft multiwheel continuous tread landing gear patent, US-2674185-A: Printing roll patent, US-2853520-A: Conversion of ethynyl compounds to acetyl compounds patent, US-2924872-A: Form-cutting tool patent, US-2940249-A: Exhaust head for internal combustion engines patent, US-3035924-A: Stress-resistant flexible food package patent, WO-2015168206-A1: Ensembles de puces semi-conductrices empilées à éléments de support, et systèmes et procédés associés patent, US-3113206-A: Binary adder patent, US-3123696-A: Cffalq l patent, US-3187307-A: Remote indication system patent, US-3221781-A: Sample collector patent, US-3235509-A: Method for producing antifoam agents patent, US-3240726-A: Polyurethanes prepared from isocyanato phosphorus compounds patent, US-3250740-A: Selected compounds containing carbonyl groups and aliphatic unsaturation as anti-rads patent, US-3263938-A: Core clutch patent, US-3557335-A: Method and apparatus for producing and/or testing spiral seamed tubes patent, US-3603300-A: Safety shutdown device for stationary diesel engines patent, US-2416760-A: Fluid cooling apparatus patent, US-2441437-A: Knockdown garden hose reel patent, US-2475091-A: Pin grinding machine patent, US-2541675-A: Combination window frame construction patent, US-2598022-A: Fire hose patent, US-2658169-A: Production of aerosols patent, US-2675927-A: Revolving crane patent, US-2716945-A: Variable stroke rotary cylinder pump patent, US-2728882-A: Computer stabilizing system patent, US-2746698-A: Hand control for steering aircraft on land or in air patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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